"The Way" by Joel S. Goldsmith, tape 439A

1961 Hawaiian Village Open Class by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 439A: The Way
Tape 439B: Address the World Silently with Peace
Welcome! “The Universal Infinite Way,” is dedicated to the Glory of the Almighty GOD: to HIM alone be all the glory and honor now and forever more, Amen! This channel is founded on and devoted to the Message of The Infinite Way brought forth through the wonderful Joel S. Goldsmith.

I freely share, give, send out audios (originally Tape-recorded) not yet available on YouTube—else, is to provide clarity/completeness: they are all yours. I also share the shouting Principle(s) and/or Scriptures from that particular audio or class/series, along with those that spontaneously come to me as I listen: these are posted as “THE NOW LESSON.” The Consciousness that brought forth the Message of The Infinite Way through Joel S. Goldsmith governs, maintains, and sustains It: I gladly serve in Its leading.

“ In the Message of The Infinite Way, we learn that, ‘I and the Father are One,’ ‘All that the Father hath is mine,’ mine to share, mine to give, mine to send out about the Father’s business. I do not have to hold on it, for I do not live on yesterday’s manna. Everyday God unfolds, discloses, and reveals Itself; and always there are 12- basketful left over.” ~Joel S. Goldsmith.

Infinite gratitude and honor to all involved in the activities of The Infinite Way—privately or publicly, individually or collectively, online or offline—for all times: past, present, future. To echo St. Paul: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, is with you all! Amen.” You are blessed, you have blessed, you are blessing. Stay blessed!

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Thank you for visiting with me here. Namaste. May the Grace of GOD be with you now & forevermore, Amen. Aloha!

Feel free to join in with us daily for group/united meditations/prayers between 3:00 PM-6:00 PM (HST)—we conduct our studies/discussions or listen to Joel tapes at that time (also, 9:00 PM-12:00AM (ET)). In addition, you can, at your convenience, join in for brief prayers/meditations (10 seconds or 1 minute is ok) at the top of every hour 24/7.

Infinite Love & Light, Stay Blessed!
Aemen, R
Infinite Way Practitioner & Teacher
***Contacts for Practitioner, or other help, are at this channel’s homepage: “The Universal Infinite Way.” Practitioner’s services are free of charge.

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