Nonprofit Committee Magic - How to Improve Board Structure

Do you wish your organization used committees better? Are there too many or not enough? Need a better system for committees and the board to communicate with each other? This webinar is for YOU!

-Actionable advice to help your committees and board work better together
-What an effective committee structure looks like, and who should be in what positions
-Tips and tricks for conducting efficient committee meetings and reporting on the results
-Proven ways to increase results between meetings with better committee practices

About Our Guest:
Dr. Joynicole Martinez is founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Alchemist Agency, a management consulting firm serving leading corporations, health care facilities, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profit corporations.

Dr. Martinez’ experience includes application development for Federally Qualified Healthcare Center and Look Alike status, funding and policy development for Rural Healthcare Centers, succession planning and fund diversification for public housing authorities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Learn more about Dr. Martinez by visiting The Alchemist Agency’s website or by finding her on LinkedIn.

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Working with a nonprofit board is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Your time and energy makes such a difference in the world around you. Keep up the great work!

This webinar was recorded on June 24, 2020.
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