Distance Or Die - Witchhammer

Distance Or Die
Album: Tracksuit Metal

BandCamp: https://distanceordie.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DistanceOrDie

Filip Pipo Boras - Guitar
Mišo Gašpar - Vocals
Hrvoje Mr. Fiš Fištrek - Bass
Nikola Brole Kajmar - Drums

First Tracksuit metal album ever made!
released June 11, 2020

Mix and mastering by Ivan Jandrić
Drum recording by Vedran Cecelja
Album artwork by Saša Brnić
Band logo design by Stjepan Radić
Music by Distance Or Die

Grave thoughts persist, cabalistic rituals unfold in the mist
Inhale the night, and step into the circle of might
Black candles glowing, demonic invocation keeps going
Unholy union starts, witching hour - the bell sounds

Oh-oh Witchhammer
Ah-ah Witchhammer

Pick of bestial orgy, prime deed of evil liturgy
Offer the nectar of sin, the burning fire - symbol of him
Raise the dagger high, no mercy - let the virgin die
Satisfact you master, only one thing can stop the disaster

From Malleus Maleficarum:
"His goods are to be confiscated
and he is to be condemned to death
because of the perverse doctrine
he opposed the faith of Christ"
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