Audio and Video about OBE


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Alexander, Arlene. Astral meditations: Out-of-body explorations. [audio tape]

Baker, Douglas M. Esoteric teachings. 1981. [cassette audio tape]

Baron, E. Astral travel: A spiritual experience. [audio tape]

Buhlman, William. Chakra technique and the vibrational technique. Spiritual Adventures, 1999. [music, 2 CD set]


Buhlman, William. Adventures beyond the body: mystic bowls, sacred sounds. Mach 1 Audio, 2000. [music CD]

Denning, Melita & Osborne, Phillips. The astral projection kit. [audio tape]

Denning, Melita & Osborne, Phillips. The Llewellyn deep mind tape for astral projection. [audio tape]

The early era [interview with Robert Monroe, Canadian Broadcasting Corp]. Interstate Industries, Nellysford VA. [audiotape]

Finding the light. St Martin's Press, New York, 1994. [audio tape; interviews with Robert A. Monroe, Rick Stack, Stephen LaBerge, and Raymond A. Moody]

Goldberg, Bruce. Conscious out of body experience for conscious dying. [audio tape]

Goldberg, Bruce. Out-of-body experience. [audio tape]

The Monroe Institute. (numerous titles). [audio tapes using hemispheric synchronization audio technology]

Monroe, Robert A. Journeys out of the body: a journeys workbook. Renaissance Tapes, 1988. [audio cassettes]

Moody, Raymond A. et al. Finding the light, 1994. [Cassette]

Moss, Robert. Dream gates: a journey into active dreaming. Sounds True, Boulder CO, 1997. [6-cassette tape set]

Naegele, David. Journeys out of body: Inner harmony New Age music. [audio tape]

Potentials Unlimited. Astral projection: A subliminal persuasion self-hypnosis tape. [audio tape]

Steiger, Brad. Mastering the art of astral projection. [audio tape]

Sutphen, Dick. Astral projection. Valley of the Sun, Malibu CA, 1980. [96-p. manual on self-hypnosis, two cassette tapes with guided imagery for OBE induction]

Sutphen, Dick. Astral projection and remote viewing. [video tape]

Sutphen, Dick. Astral projection hypnosis album. [audio tape]

Sutphen, Dick. The altered-state sound. [audio tape]

Sutphen, Tara. Astral project and remember. [audio tape]


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