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*Hughes, Marilynn.  The mysteries of the redemption:  a treatise on out-of-body travel and mysticism. 

*2004    Hughes, Marilynn.  Come to wisdom’s door:  how to have an out-of-body experience.  [56p, PDF file]

*2004    Bruce, Robert and Brian Mercer.  Mastering astral projection:  90-day guide to out-of-body experience.  Hampton Roads, Charlottesville VA.

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2001      Guest, Matt.  The face of power.  (self-published).

2001      Leland, Kurt.  Otherwhere:  a field guide to non-physical reality for the out-of-body traveler.  Hampton Roads, Charlottesville VA.  [288p. Author’s OBEs]

2001      Morse, Melvin and Paul Perry.  Where God lives:  the science of the paranormal and how our brains are linked to the universe.  Harper San Francisco.  [208 p]

2001      Peterson, Bob.  Lessons out of the body: a journey of spiritual growth and out-of-body travel. Hampton Roads, Charlottesville VA.

2000      Ring, Kenneth.  Lessons from the light:  what the near-death experience teaches about life, love and the human potential.  Moment Point Press, 2000.  [Also published by Plenum, Insight Books, New York, 1998. and by HarperCollins/Perseus Books, San Francisco.]

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1999      Boldman, Robert. Sacred life holy death: seven stages of crossing the divide. Heartsfire Books, Santa Fe NM. [149p]

1999      Bruce, Robert.  Astral dynamics:  a new approach to out-of-body experience.  Hampton Roads, Charlottesville VA.

1999      Craze, Richard.  Astral projection:  a beginner’s guide.  Hodder & Stoughton.

1999      Ferguson, Miles.  My encounters with the light:  Jesus and the janitor. Galde, 1999. [171p. A janitor recalls his OBEs, including his encounter with Jesus.]

1999      Gieseke, Gloria M. Where is the music?:  the multiple near-death experiences of a world traveler. Password Publications.

1999      Goldberg, Bruce. Astral voyages: mastering the art of soul travel. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul MN. [288p]

1999      Long, John. Close calls: climbing mishaps & near-death experiences. Falcon Publishing Company, Helena MT. [170p, Tami Knight, illustrator]

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1999      McKnight, Rosalind A. Cosmic journeys: my out-of-body explorations with Robert A. Monroe. Hampton Roads, Charlottesville VA. [Intro by Laurie A. Monroe, President, The Monroe Institute. McKnight aka explorer "ROMC".]

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1999      Yount, David. Ten thoughts to take into eternity: living wisely in light of the afterlife. Simon & Schuster, New York. [191p]


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